Support Agreement


This document explains the levels of support you, the Client, are entitled to expect from us, Tell Systems Ltd, referred to throughout as Tellonline, in return for the support fee you have paid.

Our aim, is to provide a level of service that ensures that any reported problems, software related or otherwise, cause the minimum level of disruption to your normal daily activities.

If you are unsure whether the problem you are experiencing is covered by this agreement or not, please contact us anyway and we will let you know whether it does. If we conclude that your problem is not covered by the agreement, we will provide you with a quote for the necessary work if you would like us to.

Fees and Duration of Agreement

If you have elected for quarterly or annual support, payment of the fee, once cleared, entitles you to support for the period invoiced. This shall be ongoing on a rolling basis, provided always that the support fee is paid in full in advance of the period in question. Termination of the support contract must be by giving not less than one month’s written notice to expire at the end of an invoice period.

If you have elected for “pay as you go” support, we will provide an estimate of the likely costs in advance of undertaking any support work. You will then be invoiced for the amount we have estimated and this invoice must be paid in full before support is provided. We reserve the right to render further invoices for such support if the amount of time required is in excess of our original estimate. Such further invoices must also be paid in full in advance of the work to which they relate.

“Pay as you go” support is not provided in accordance with the Service Levels set out in this agreement as to time of delivery of the service, but will be scheduled as soon as we are reasonably able, having regard to the nature of the problem you are experiencing.

Hours when support will be provided

The system will be supported by the Tellonline service desk during normal office hours (09.00 to 17.30 UK Time, Monday to Friday (excluding bank and public holidays) contactable by telephone (01752 71 71 70) and by email (

Nature of Support

Each support call/e-mail will be logged on reception by the Tellonline service desk. The problem will remain open until formally closed, at any time you will be able to query the status of the problem and activities associated with it. Detailed change control procedures will be followed.

We will in the first instance respond to your enquiry in the same manner in which you raise it, so e-mail response to an e-mail, and a telephone response to a telephone call.

In the event of a problem or component failure all downstream supplier support will be co-ordinated by the service desk at Tellonline. This includes responding to equipment failure, communications problems or service software problems.

Tellonline will liaise with all suppliers of component elements of your system to achieve wherever possible a resolution of any issues raised by you that need to be dealt with at supplier level.

The intention is that the system will be available on a 7x24 basis (excepting agreed allocated times for change or maintenance activities). If we recommend interruption of the live operation of the site as the best means of solving the problem, we will work with you as to the timing of the downtime to minimize the disruption to your business, so far as we reasonably can.

Our target for the minimum availability time of your system is 99%. Availability time reflects functioning system.

Service Levels – quarterly/annual support

Service failure codes for support calls arising will be assigned by Tellonline whose determination of the appropriate code shall be final.
The following guidelines will apply:
  • Priority 1: A priority 1 issue is an inability to access the system.
  • Priority 2: A priority 2 issue is an upload failure of imagery or on screen data.
  • Priority 3: A priority 3 issue includes general maintenance and housekeeping and aesthetic issues.
The following table indicates the time within which we aim to address support requirements and to report on delivery timeframes for fixes. The (from receipt) time is the time that we actually receive the information from you.

Time for these purposes will only run during the standard hours of delivery of support. Therefore, any notification received outside these hours will not start time running until the next following business day.

Code        Assess Problem                             Target Delivery Time Within:
1               1 Hour 1 hour (from receipt)            4 hours 4 hours (from receipt)
2               4 hours 4 hours (from receipt)          1 day 1 day (from receipt)
3               1 day 1 day (from receipt)                2 days 2 days (from receipt)

Target performance level for priority 1 issues – 95%; priority 2 – 90%; priority 3 85% to be reviewable quarterly.

Hardware/Software Requirements for users of the system
This section indicates the minimum underlying hardware and software requirements for the supplied software application to operate correctly. In the provision of support, it will be assumed that each user PC complies with this minimum specification.

The recommended platform is based upon use of Microsoft 7 for optimum system performance, and minimum Internet connection based on currently available typical broadband connectivity speeds.

All PCs that are accessing this system must be running as a minimum requirement Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)

Minimum browser requirements are either Internet Explorer 11.0* and above, Mozilla Firefox 3-10+ or Chrome 24+ on PC platform, and Safari 6+, Chrome 24+ or Mozilla Firefox 3-10+ on MAC OS. The above requirements are subject to correct security settings being in place.
* Support for Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10 was officially ended by Microsoft 12/01/2016. Users still using these versions are strongly encouraged to consider a dual browser setup.

What is not covered?

Tellonline cannot be held responsible for any future change in proxy server settings at your offices that may affect performance of the system.

Site visits are excluded from the scope of this agreement. Site visits will be charged for on a time and materials basis, together with any associated travel expenses.

Intensive training is not covered, although we will deal with reasonable “how to” queries. This is not a substitute for training and/or familiarization with the appropriate system documentation.

Anything that we classify as redevelopment is not covered, as this would require carefully formulated and agreed specifications so that we are both clear as to the objectives, and so that you can be satisfied with the outcome.

Reviews to this Agreement

Any changes to your system, whether implemented by Tellonline or otherwise, may require a review of this agreement and we reserve the right to undertake such a review which may include revising the fee payable, as well as considering whether we can continue to support the system at all. If you make any amendment to your system without our involvement, you undertake to inform us of the change within 14 day so that we can assess the support implications for Tellonline.


Our general terms and conditions, of which you are already aware, apply to this contract except where they are inconsistent with it, in which case this agreement shall prevail in relation to support matters and our general terms in relation to any other matters. We attach a further copy for your information.

Specifically, the limitations to Tellonline’s liability under this agreement are as set out under our general terms.